Entry #2

So about my music..

2016-12-26 02:50:21 by BrushnoteRV

So like.. I have this contest sorta... called DPA (District Project Achievement) .. as usual i'm gonna sing.. but crap.. I GOTTA WRITE IT THIS TIME.. i mean I kinda dug the hole myself.. my stupid over confident brain said.. "I bet you can write a good song and melody if you try!" .. and I'm like "Yeah! In maybe a year or so-" .. thennn my brain is like. "HA! Nope! In a month or so!! Go compete with it!! >:D"  .... annnddd.. I am now.. terrified.. but if it does manage to be good.. I will definately post it here.. (( spoiler alert, it might turn out really stupid, there's 5 million concepts and only 1 can exist.. ;-; ))


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