Entry #1

So I Guess I Gotta I N T R O D U C E M Y F A B U L O U S S M E L F

2016-12-11 01:38:50 by BrushnoteRV

I  am a weirdo, but a cool weirdo.,. I'm a.. ceirdo? ... nah.. uhhhmm... wool..? YEAH I'M ​WOOL​ anyway, so I'm an artist that sings, an artist that draws, and an artist that writes.. also I'm a bit of a hipster but not really and a geek... a psuedo-heek... yeah thats it.. I'm not snobby enough I guess to be a real hipster.. ​not that I wanna tho, that ain't me lol ​ anyway! so yeah, the geek part of me loves visiting olddd websites and stuff for no reason, like this spork website from 1996 with avi files that still work.. https://spork.org/ (( as long as you're using ​Windows Media Player​ and none of that Windows 10 bs )) there's also more weirdo coo coo pants things about me that you can like, ​totally ​ask me about!! OH, here's some "cringe" things I like that will make everyone mad I guess-


​MS Paint: It's easy to use and with enough effort you can make some cool and unique digital art!
​Roleplaying: It's not all self inserts and being jerks, some people genuinely try developing their characters through this method! Or... it could just be me.. ^^
​Minecraft: ... Just, I don't know, building in creative while listening to that relaxing music.. Seriously, look up C418-Alpha, from the Minecraft Volume Beta album, you'll thank me later.. also. About minecraft youtubers, I dunno, SSundee will always be my fav, I started watching him years ago and I still watch him now, he's pretty funny.

​Oh! And here's the random fact of the day! ​The first workable version of the internet was made in 1969, the first message to be sent was "LOGIN", but the network crashed causing the first message sent over the internet to be.. "LO"

Thanks for reading mysterious person!!


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